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  Atlantis in the Indies  

The Indies — that is, India and Indonesia — are truly the sites of the two Atlantises, commemorated under the names of Atlantis and Lemuria by both Atlantologists and Occultists. Though grossly distorted by all sorts of exaggerations and misrepresentations, both Atlantises are indeed very real, and left unequivocal traces of their former existence in these remote regions of the terrestrial globe.

Those vestiges are of two sorts: traditional and archeological, and permeate every field of human endeavor. The tradition of Atlantis is very much alive in both India and Indonesia, disguised under the cover of their rich mythology and religious traditions. So is also the archeological evidence that confirms the origin of Civilization and even of humanity itself in the Indies. The Indies are indeed the site of the Terrestrial Paradise of the ancient traditions. They are also the Golden Islands, the Eldorado so ardently sought by the ancient mariners.

1 The Horse Sacrifice

Prof. Arysio Santos

The Horse Sacrifice of the Hindus is discussed as a symbolic representation of the Cosmic Sacrifice, the cataclysmic destruction of Lemurian Atlantis, the true site of Paradise.


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